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New Rules | New Pricing

No more middlemen. No more price restrictions from retailers and marketplaces.

Pure Velo set out in 2018 to create premium cycling apparel for women without compromise on quality, function or performance. Quality, ethically and locally sourced fabrics, with unique feminine designs - fair and realistic pricing has been the missing piece.

Pure Velo promise to keep standards and service high while keeping prices realistic and as low as possible. Being in direct contact with our customers allows us to improve and grow sustainably.

We got it wrong, we listened, we adapted.

Our next chapter is exciting and we look forward to the many cycling adventures that you beautiful ladies take Pure Velo on.

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Cultivated tan lines may not be for every lady

UV protecting and highly breathable performance fabric. Oh yes, its sun lotion resistent also.

What our customer say!

Cyclists sausage legs - The struggle is real

Cyclists sausage legs - The struggle is real

There is no pussy footing around it ‘the struggle is real’ and it seems a large percentage of women feel this way about sausage legs. Read More
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Cycling journalist Pinar Pinzuti of BikeItalia interviews Claire on the story of the inspiration behind Pure Velo and the journey of taking an idea and building it into a brand....
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Adriatic Adventures By Bicycle

If you are thinking of planning a cycling holiday adventure to Croatia, we can highly recommend it. Read a quick story with some of our top tips for how to...
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Never-ending Summer

Cycling adventures exploring new places with wonders around every corner.