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Why Our Customers #lovepurevelo

Pure Velo women's cycling apparel receiving superb reviews from customers.

Launching a new range is daunting for any cycling apparel business. When the range being launched is pushing the boundaries of what is traditional, and it asks women to start to look at cycling garments in a different way then that launch brings even more emotions.

As with most businesses, the first idea is the main seed that everything grows from. I was no different. I started Pure Velo because I felt that I could not find the cycling apparel that was feminine, solved the tan-line problem, and addressed the sausage leg that some bib-shorts give.

My research proved that I was not alone and that there was enough feedback to tell me that there is something missing that women want. Pure Velo was born.

The ultimate test was the reveal to the general public and cycling media. Once the website and social media platforms were published the comments came in pretty quickly.

Premium women's cycling apparel with customer service levels to match.

“Wow, this is exactly what we’ve been looking for. I have showed my friends and we all love the designs”.

Comments like these soon turned to customers….

“This jersey is so comfortable to wear”, and, “I love the fabric and the bralette”, and “My shorts are perfect. This is my fist pair of non-bib shorts and are the most comfortable shorts I own”

We are glad our customers are loving what we are doing as we have plenty more deign ideas coming to keep you looking feminine on your sunny summer cycling adventures.

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