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what does cycling mean to us? fresh air, spectacular views, freedom

Sustainable cycling clothing for women

Pure Velo - womens cycling apparel with a focus on sustainability.

Cycling is a sport and a passion. It is also becoming a byword for sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Being dedicated to making the entire process as carbon neutral as possible is important for any business. Pure Velo manufacture and distribute our own range of cycling clothing which means we had to focus on our supply chain and consider their sustainability and environmental policies in our selection process. We need to support the reduction and offsetting of emissions if we are to meet the commitment that is needed to tackle the climate challenge that is affecting us all.

The proximity of our supply chain is as important as the designs.

All Pure Velo garments are made in Italy. We did not want to be shipping products and component parts from all over the world to Italy for our manufacturers to produce. It seemed ridiculous to be wasting so much energy on transporting during our manufacturing process.
Luckily for us, our search for the best fabrics had taken us to Italy. The search for the best cycling pads also took us here. Realising that our chosen three key suppliers were located within close proximity to each other meant we knew that the transportation between the three would keep emissions down as much as we could have hoped for.
All our suppliers both on the manufacturing and distribution side have fully accredited and monitored sustainability and environmental policies. They all continue to invest in improving their infrastructure and processes to save water, energy, cut emissions and create a truly sustainable supply chain.


Here are a few key projects and processes that our suppliers have implemented to date:

  • The installation of Solar Cells Systems that covers nearly 80% of production needs.
  • Solar water heaters that produce steam for ironing, saving 50% on heating costs.
  • Optimisation of production processes by introducing cutting-edge technologies to monitor and reduce waste and polluting residuals.
  • Production using electricity from renewable sources.
  • Replacing of old lighting to new LED lighting.
  • Certifying, by means of recording clear data, the environmental results achieved.
  • To show a real interest in research and in the use of new sustainable raw materials, such as recycled yarns.
  • Supporting important international projects aimed at safeguarding our environment.
  • Contributing to social and financial development of local communities.
  • In compliance with European standards and with National and regional laws and regulations, our manufacturers have adopted a high tech wastewater homogenization aimed at reducing the amount of polluting agents before water is sent to the municipal water treatment plant.
  • Sophisticated systems sort rainwater from civil and industrial waters have also been implemented so as to harvest and re-use rainwater in the production process.
  • 48.3% of the water used in the production process in 2018 was actually recycled.
  • Our manufacturers ensure their emission temperatures and values are far below the limits set by law. Their emissions are 10 times lower than the limits set by law.
  • The use of eco performance fabrics. Warp-knit stretch fabric in which even the elastomer is recycled and certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).
  • Packaging has been revised to be recyclable and less paperboard.


 Pure Velo use compostable mailing bags.

Pure Velo Compostable mailer bags



Our couriers for shipping and returns are DPD, DHL and FedEx. All of which have comprehensive policies and are dedicated to making every parcel they deliver carbon neutral. Pure Velo packaging uses recycled cardboard. Our branded tissue paper and the delivery bags that protect your garments while in transit are fully compostable. These bags are made from renewable plant-based materials and/or bio-polymers. To be home compostable, a product must break down in home compost within 180 days. So if you don’t happen to reuse your delivery bag, throw it in with you food waste and keep it out of landfill.


Pure Velo grows promises to continue working towards making our garments and processes more sustainable.