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what does cycling mean to us? fresh air, spectacular views, freedom

Summer cycling clothing with a difference

Womens cycling jerseys and shorts, but different.

Technical performance fabrics are brilliant for cycling - there is no doubt about that. They have a long list of features that help athletes of all types improve their performance. With the innovation and development of sublimation printing, these fabrics can have any design you like on them.

Colour and patterns are all well and good but how does the little black dress stand out from a normal dress? Is it the cut; is it the fabric; or is it both? There is nowhere to hide with a classic dress and maybe that is where the design ultimately shines through. Is it then down to the quality of the fabric that keeps it in your wardrobe and looking good for years?  


Is it the quality of the fabric that keeps it in your wardrobe and looking good for years?

We at Pure Velo believe that cycling apparel is similar in many ways to fashion. As with we see with major high streer sports brands, style and fashion plays a major part. Cycling garments are tight fitting and figure hugging and it is important that women feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. If the design and cut is wrong then the focus will turn away from the splendour and beauty of our varied body shapes to making things like sausage legs the focus, for example. To note - Pure Velo have tested numerous leg cuff designs to erradicate that sausage leg look!

With most cycling garments being tested in wind tunnels for their marginal gains, we at Pure Velo feel that we will leave that style of design to the racing teams and brands that support that amazing part of cycling. Pure Velo are designing for ladies that love cycling just as much as those who race but are maybe taking their rides at a more leisurely pace these days. Serious cyclists but not serious cyclists, if you know what we mean.

We know customers that have defended and won their QOM’s while cycling in Pure Velo kit so we are not saying that our cycling apparel does not perform, we are saying that it does more than just perform.

We recognise that by looking at fabrics that give more than performance benefits then we can give ladies that extra element that they tell us that are looking for in their cycling kits – femininity – with a fabric made to last and wash well also.

We want it all…and why not!


Italian fabrics used in all Pure Velo cycling jerseys and bibs.

Here at Pure Velo we have carefully selected the fabrics for our collection so that we can give you premium feel, quality and comfort with great coverage whilst not compromising on performance. Italian fabrics are renown world over for being some of the best. With generations of Italians being so passionate about cycling and Italy being known as the heart of cycling, there is no surprise that Italian companies have created some of the best fabrics for the sport that we all love. All fabrics used by Pure Velo are made in Italy.