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About Pure Velo

Women's Summer Cycling Jerseys & Kits

We are a privately owned, independent cycling clothing company that is specialising in jerseys, shorts, and kits for women. Our HQ is in England, but we like to think that our company is run under a blue sky, wherever that maybe in the world. We started our journey in 2018 and spent a year or two working on the finer details of our range so that we were ready to launch with the kit designs that our research lead us towards. 2020 is our big global roll out year.

As life long cyclists, following the evolution of kit and equipment has brought us to the point of wanting to be part of the story ourselves. Pure Velo Ltd and came about from a simple idea that turned into a large research project and as the idea started to pedal, we felt there was a gap in the market where we could fit. The results and details gained from our research gave us some major challenges along the way and we did often wonder if what we were thinking of creating was unique or if had been tried before without success.


Summer cycling jerseys specifically designed for women

What are we about? We are about the five reoccurring messages that you ladies told us you had problems with:

  • Tan Lines
  • See through jerseys
  • Sausage legs
  • Convenience
  • Feminine styles

A few sketches turned into designs which turned into prototypes – in fact, eight prototypes for one garment alone!

Solving the tan line request meant creating a different cut and a different cut changes the entire structure and support that a garment can give. Having less fabric to work with so that we tick the tan line and feminine styles box while keeping the look delicate yet athletic and supporting keeps us on the drawing board. We have many more ideas that we want to bring to you!


Unique cycling jerseys without compromising performance.

There are a list of features that cycling kits for women must have and we knew we could not remove any of those fundamental components otherwise our cycling kits would become a fashion item with a pad sewn in. Cycling jerseys need pockets, women have busts, the riding position must be comfortable but look elegant when off the bike, the fabric must be lightweight, breathable and wick well, it has to wash well – it definitely has to last!

The search for fabric took us longer that we thought it would. To then find a manufacturer with the skills to put our vision into reality was like finding the ultimate work life balance plan. All of our suppliers are Italian, and we have visited each one to see their set up and working conditions. That part is very important to us – we know who and how all our kits are made.


Sleeveless and backless cycling jerseys - unique designs and cuts.

To cut a very long story short, Pure Velo have brought you the world’s first fully supported Halterneck Jersey and the fearlessly feminine classy Bow Sleeve Jersey. Our Racerback style jersey plays with polka dots to give the racer style kit a feminine touch. As for the shorts, the pad performs, and the leg cuff is comfortable and supporting while being a little more friendly to the sausage leg we all dislike. Non-bib shorts match all our jerseys and cover the convenience request while our soft bib shorts keep things in place while not cutting you in half.

Our launch in the UK has been well received and so now we are open to the world. Our website covers international shipping and payments in local currency and favoured payment types as well as having a translation option throughout the checkout process. As our website visitors show we are being searched for and found all over the world, we hope the changes we have made better support all of our customers.

Pure Velo is based around summer or warm weather cycling and we are running a follow the sun business model so do not necessarily stick to UK seasons for product launches. Like our industry colleagues that are creating brilliant winter weather clothing and producing garments made to the highest standards, we are doing the same but for women’s summer cycling kits. Italian premium performance fabrics, pads from cycling pad specialists and garment manufacturers that specialise in stretch performance fabrics. We are following the path of quality like other major brands follow but are adding a Pure Velo twist in our designs. Simple as that.

We fully respect cyclists need kit for all seasons and weather but to be the best at what we do we must focus on why we started Pure Velo in the first place. We will not be re-inventing our version of winter any time soon. As you told us, it is the summer cycling kits you ladies are after.


Think summer cycling - think Pure Velo.

Think summer cycling - think Pure Velo. We hope you get as much enjoyment cycling in our kits as we have had in creating what we think is something new for the female cyclist.

Get in touch or follow us on social media. We hope to see you all out there on the open road or bump into you in a cool cyclist friendly café soon.


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