Sleeveless halterneck cycling jersey for women

The Halterneck cycling jersey by Pure Velo

When you see thousands, and we mean thousands, of pictures of women cycling with their sleeves rolled up or collars wide open, does that mean that tan lines are something that women think about?

We think just that. We believe that tan lines are thought about by a lot of women and that is why we have spent two years in design bringing our version of a backless cycling jersey to life. 


"How hard can it be to cut the back out of a cycling top?"


It sounded a simple idea on the face of it. How hard can it be to cut the back out of a cycling top? There are millions of swimsuits without a back so it cannot be that different for cycling, can it?

The beauty of this ground-breaking design is that it approaches the tan line challenge from a cyclist’s point of view. First and foremost, the halterneck jersey had to perform; this is a women’s cycling jersey without a back – it is not a backless (fashion) top with a few loose pockets.




A good cycling jersey needs a long list of technical features which any experienced cyclist will tell you it must have. The jersey must provide comfort on long rides, and it must stay in place and not ride up the cyclists back. The pockets must fit all their cycling essentials in without pulling the jersey too much if the pockets are full. The fabric must be breathable and good at moisture wicking, and it must, it must... the list goes on.

The design and manufacturing of the Halterneck Jersey has taken us two years and eight prototype versions to make work. Eight major re-designs to make sure that it fits like a cycling jersey, supports like a sports bra, has ample sized pockets fit to carry those essentials, and of course, it has been constructed and structured in such a way that its missing back does not compromise on performance.


The design came from an idea to look at women’s cycling clothing from a different angle.


The design came from an idea to look at women’s cycling clothing from a different angle. Claire, the owner and designer of all the kits, is a lifelong cyclist. Claire feels that there is a place for cycling kits to be made more feminine. Pure Velo fully respects the aerodynamic requirements for some riders and we understand that the ladies wearing Pure Velo probably won’t be sat on 3rd wheel while waiting for the sprint finish.

The sunny days out in the saddle with a nice lunch on your favorite local country lanes or that holiday rolling around Tuscany, or the big loop around Lake Tahoe, are who Pure Velo are speaking to.




It seems that the cycling industry has changed considerably over the past few years. What was once a male dominated world of marginal gains has turned into a social sport for both sexes. The style and design of the amazing carbon road bikes has given people the mechanism to express themselves in the way that they design their bikes. Women have been ready for the matching kits that make them stand out from the crowd for quite some time now – this is no longer a sport just for men.

More couples are taking to cycling together on weekends and more are planning cycling trips abroad as a main part of their holiday. The introduction of e-bikes means a wider age group are participating in longer days in the saddle also. The cycling world has changed, and it does not look like it is slowing down anytime soon.

As more and more governments around the world get behind supporting safer ways to cycle around cities, this will without doubt bring more and more people to cycling.

Claire does not think that the idea of a Halterneck cycling jersey would have won many fans three or four years ago, but she now feels that the time is right. Women can have their aero kit for those training days or big club rides, there is plenty of great kit brands for commuters also, but, with Pure Velo they can now also have a totally different style of kit for when they are out with friends wanting a more social ride.

The social rides tend to involve a coffee (and cake stop), or a nice lunch. Holiday cycling definitely includes plenty of tourist stops along the way.


"Claire’s designs hope to make women feel more feminine and elegant"


Claire’s designs hope to make women feel more feminine and elegant when they are walking into those nice cafes or sitting outside of a nice bar on their holiday adventures. Looking great on your bike is only half of it; looking confident in your kit when on a rest stop is as much a part of the day out as the cycling. Club kits are great, and long may they continue to exist, but having that little black dress for cycling does sound appealing.




The Halterneck is part of a three-style range that we are releasing this year. The Halterneck will be partnered with another unique jersey which has hand finished bows sewn onto the sleeves and pockets. There is also a distinctive design racer back style jersey. We have high waist shorts to match the racerback and halterneck and also have bib-shorts to wear with the jerseys.

Combing these three different style jerseys gives women the choice of what style suits them. All three of the kits in the range can be rotated so that tan lines do not have to be so sharp. Tanned arms and white shoulders may not be the look that all ladies go for when thinking what dress to wear that evening. At Pure Velo we think that women think about this a lot.

Bringing the halterneck to life has been a long journey but the result is great to see. All at Pure Velo are trying to push cycling kit design in a different direction than those that test in wind tunnels.

Whether this fully supported halterneck cycling jersey appeals to everyone or not, you are seeing this here first and that is something we are very proud of.