Best cycling jerseys for women summer 2022

Sausage Legs - are they cyclists worst nightmare?

Question 1 - Sausage legs for cyclists - it is still a big thing for ladies. Yes, the fabric on cycling shorts needs to be tight, but how tight is tight and when is tight too tight? When the dreaded leg bulge appears, we guess?!

Question 2 – Why is an old blog that we wrote getting so much attention and hits?

Let us, light-heartedly, dive into this a little….

As we have said before, Pure Velo designs kits for the female cyclist who is looking for quality and performance with feminine touches. The chamois pad used in all of our cycling shorts is as premium as the fabric. No corners have been cut or compromised. The pad, as important as it is to the cycling short, is useless if the fabric and cut of the shorts/bibs is cheap and incorrect. Whether you are out on a day long ride or a short spin to have a coffee with friends, if that chamois pad is not right then the discomfort and pain of that far outweighs the concern over any sign of sausage legs showing. A bad pad can ruin a ride. A bad pad can ruin an entire cycling holiday! We wonder how many ladies have tried cycling but have given up early because the cycling shorts that they purchased and started their new adventures in was thrown together and sold for pennies?

Tag us in…

Best cycling kits for women 2022

We’ve seen photos from climbs around Rio to the golden light of LA and San Francisco, with plenty of great rides spanning Europe. Open countryside, famous mountain passes, and beautiful calm aqua lakes taking centre stage in photos. It is heart-warming to see Pure Velo as the kit of choice for these epic, photo opportunity, days out.

Cycling to a tourist beauty spot on a bike is one thing. Whether we are walking around cobbled villages with bike in toe like a pedigree dog or seeking that last free table outside of the restaurant so that we can keep an eye on our much-loved bicycles, our activities while dressed in Lycra do attract the attention of the locals who love to people watch (we all enjoy a bit of that though, yes?).

The awkward waddle when trying to look graceful while walking in cleats attracts some attention from onlookers, sure. However, in our heads, we are fixated on thinking that it is our sausage legs that they are gawking at. They are probably not staring and pointing out our sausage legs but once those sausage demons set in, in our minds the smallest of bulges gets magnified.


Getting to the point…

Our blog written a few years back about cyclist’s sausage legs and why we designed Pure Velo cycling shorts to suit ladies that are concerned about the dreaded ‘bulge’ is doing quite well over on Google. Very well in fact. It could be because sausage legs are a real thing on social media – who knew! We are finding that there is a blurred line between cyclists reading these blogs and readers that are just plain odd, those who are looking for pictures of people sunbathing while taking pictures of their thighs and knees. What a time to be alive!

Either way, if you have landed here and are a genuine cyclist, and a female cyclist, you have clicked to the right place. Welcome.


Our cycling shorts summary which is not quite succinct enough to roll off the tongue or fit on an advert would read as follows: Enough compression to grip your leg and stop your cycling shorts from riding up, with enough fabric support to keep the chamois pad in place but just enough ‘give’ in the fabric and gripper bands to not force a sausage leg. A very long Google search if that is what you typed in - hurrah for long tail marketing!

It was not easy (designing cycling shorts - not the Google bit) and it did take a lot of prototyping and road testing, but we are comfortable to say that Pure Velo shorts could be the best cycling shorts for ladies that do not like the tight compression of racing brands.

We could list the customer reviews and feedback here - best this…most comfortable that…but this short tale was not really about that. Yes, we are promoting our cycling clothing range, but we are also recognising that Pure Velo as a brand, is a big hit for purveyors of photographs of legs and kneecaps basking in the sunshine! It’s a little weird, but I suppose we all have our qwirks.