Not Tested in Wind Tunnels

Not Tested in Wind Tunnels

We’ve all heard of marginal gains. It sounds technical but also sounds logical. The question is, are Pure Velo customers looking for these things when they are buying their cycling jerseys or kits for their dream cycling holiday?

 “The wind tunnel testing is brilliant for racing, but it’s not for me” said Claire on one of her visionary chats about where she sees Pure Velo fitting in the massive ocean of cycling industry.

“There are some amazing companies making brilliant kit for that part of the market. The men’s market is well catered for and I would not have the first clue of where to start in designing for men”, was another.




Keep it simple, flattering and keep it feminine. It’s not a strap line, but it did lead her towards Fearlessly Feminine….. which of course can be found on all of Pure Velo social posts.

It is clear to see that the women’s cycling jersey with the bow sleeves would set alarms off if it came within 10 miles of a wind tunnel. There are plenty more designs in process that would trigger the same alert! Claire’s vision for Pure Velo is to reach out to the experienced rider that is now finished with chewing the stem so that they can look up more often and take in the beauty of the routes they are cycling.

Of course the achievement of conquering Stelvio or rolling around Tuscany is still high up on the cycling holiday bucket list, but when cycling in the sunshine fuelled with a glass of Chianti or two gives you an unexpected flush, the breathable fabric sorts that, not a wind tunnel!